Hello, world!

So for some reason today, I got to thinking about cartoon villains, particularly in superhero comics and cartoons. I was thinking, how many villains are actually original in their design and backstory? Many seem rather generic when you break them down, like they were simply derived from a formula; for example, the villains of the Batman universe. You could literally describe like 90% of the criminals of Gotham with an ad-lib chart. In fact, most DC villains seem to be derived from altering similar variables to the same biography. Allow me to demonstrate:


proper noun was once a noun occupation. pronoun believed in noun. Then one day, possessive noun noun was verb. Having lost faith in noun, pronoun decided to take the law into possessive noun own hands. pronoun began verb noun, consumed by noun, and verb any who stood in possessive noun way. possessive noun descent into villainy was complete when pronoun verb adverb noun. No longer would pronoun be known as proper noun, now all of noun city trembles in fear at the mention of proper noun, and possessive noun aim to verb noun place with noun.


To be fair, this same formula applies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too, just that their “transformations” all stem from the same thing: exposure to a hyper-mutagen ooze from another dimension. I am rather curious to see what kind of ridiculous comic book villains people come up with using this.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hello, world!

Just got back home, and man am I tired! Woke up at around 9:00AM to get breakfast and meet up with a friend of mine. Initially, I had intended to get my medicare card renewed, but the bureau was so packed I figured I’ll simply go back tomorrow by myself; as it was, they only wanted people who had actual business with them in their waiting room sans an entourage, and I wasn’t about to make my friend stand outside in the hallway for hours.

Instead, we spent a good portion of the day getting some Christmas shopping done. Got a granite mortar and pestle for my dad, and I regretted my purchase all day (on account of the fact that granite is bloody heavy and holding it for over 5 hours is absolute torture). I also got him a meat grinder to replace the old one he used to have with a sausage-piping attachment. Now all he needs is a smokehouse and he’ll be all set! 😂

Got some nice body washes for my aunt as well as some Maple Leaf-themed outerwear my cousin will probably enjoy. At this point, I only need to buy for my mom, my brother-in-law, my niece, and my other cousin. Other than that, I’ve more or less got most of my shopping done in that regard. I have some gifts to send to my international friends, though those may need to wait depending on circumstances: still waiting on a piece for one friend’s gift, and need to fashion a piece for another one’s.

As the evening dragged on and our shopping spree slowed to a halt, we met up with my friend’s cousin and our other friend. We got some burgers from a small mom-and-pop fry shop owned by a Korean couple called Pick’s; their system works where you pick and mix your main dish, toppings and sides on a paper ticket with a checklist. Their mains are quite interesting: the different styles of burger one would expect from a fry shop, as well as tacos and “kogos” which are pogos coated with potato. Their choice of toppings is really broad, including egg, roasted peppers, pickles, coleslaw, wasabi mayo, chipotle mayo, and the list goes on! I made a double burger with roasted peppers, sautéed mushrooms and onions, brie cheese, and a tomato and basil aioli – so goooood!

Afterwards we made our way to Place-des-Arts for the main event of the evening: The Legend of Zelda – Symphony of the Goddesses! We had booked our tickets way back in early September as soon as they became available, and I’ve been anticipating this event with bated breath since then. It was really quite phenomenal to hear many of the most iconic melodies from one of my favorite series of video games played live by a whole orchestra. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play Song of Storms but I suppose it’s only fair, given that they were covering almost every game from A Link to the Past to Breath of the Wild.


We weren’t permitted to take photos of the performance, but snuck a good shot of the setup!

Anyways, all that to say it was quite an eventful day overall. I’ll probably be quite busy tomorrow as well: got a dentist appointment in the morning and will be going back downtown afterwards to try to renew my medicare card again. I’m not exactly worried about not having it for the dentist tomorrow, given that dental isn’t covered by the provincial government’s health insurance policy, so I’ll need to pay out-of-pocket regardless. Course I don’t particularly care much for bureaucracy either, as dealing with all the paperwork is pretty much like pulling teeth anyways. Just one of those necessary evils…

Into the Static

Hello, world!

So wasn’t really planning on making a post tonight per se, but then on my way home from a long day at work our area got hit with a flurry! This marks the first official snowfall of December for us after a bizarrely warm November. Fingers crossed that we’ll have a decent amount of snow on the ground before Christmas… I do kinda want to build a quinzhee at some point before I drag myself back to university.


Can’t actually see the end of this street through all the snow

Most people I know around here say their favorite season is fall and I admit, I can understand why people love it: the vibrant colours of the leaves, the smell of the autumn air, the seasonal spiced goods and of course, the anticipation for Halloween. For me though, nothing beats winter (even if most people can’t stand the season here). The air is fresh and brisk, the nights are long, and of course the snow! The falling snow muffles the sounds of everything around you and scatters the ambient light. For me, winter is the most peaceful season, and one where I enjoy taking hour-long walks outside in the snow.


The sun went down hours ago… that blue glow is the distant city lights

Admittedly, I can understand why most locals dislike winter: it’s the start of many annoyances like shoveling mountains of snow from everything, and the bitter cold seeping right into your bones. For me I see shoveling the snow as just par for the course; when you live in a climate where you can get snow, it’s just something which needs to be maintained. Besides… the cold never bothered me anyway. ❄️

I’ll be busy tomorrow, but I expect I’ll have something to write about when I return home during the evening… assuming I’m still awake by then of course. I won’t say too much, but I will say this: it’s video game-related. Should be quite the event; rather excited.

Just Wanted to Say “Hi”

Hello, world!

So I didn’t wind up writing a blog post this past weekend as I had planned. Things have been busy with the holidays just around the corner; between that, a recent cold that’s been rather stubborn to cure and the ridiculous running around at work, I’ve been feeling quite drained as of late. I’ve basically been taking solace in binge-watching InuYasha again from the beginning. In response, I’m going to be doing something a bit different and writing a general update post, something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while. I may make a habit of this and file it under a new category.

Currently, I have a post about another tea in the works, covering an aged and roasted Tie Guan Yin oolong I acquired not too long ago. I’ve also ordered a green tea from O-Cha which they call Sakura Sencha, though since it’s made mostly from Sencha-grade stems with a few leaves, it’s more a Kukicha than anything; I’m excited to try this tea in particular, as I’ve been searching for a possible replacement for DavidsTea’s Sakura Cherry green tea, which they stopped selling last summer. I’ll be getting it after the holidays, so anticipate a new article then as well!

Now for the aggravating news, assuming you have not already heard of this given its coverage on an international scale at this point: Quebec has elected to be ridiculous and fan the coals of old flames once again. Now as a result of a truly convoluted and patently absurd series of events which rolled down river into Quebec City, store clerks are “invited” (read: expected) to greet locals and international customers with “bonjour” instead of the customary “bonjour/hi” that we’ve become accustomed to. If you can’t see why that is a problem, let me explain.

Montreal is in essence a bilingual city, regardless of whether you argue that French is the official language of Quebec or not; it is ingrained in its character, its history, and its culture. While I and many of my peers are capable of speaking French, even if our first language and the one we speak at home is English, it is a common courtesy to greet in both languages: French first, English second. To put it quite simply, it is an expression of both the unique character of Montreal and an inferred inclusiveness to those we are greeting: a verbal handshake that invites others to communicate with us in the language they feel most comfortable with. Whether you like it or not, Canada itself is (on paper) a bilingual country.

Of course, you can try telling that to the language police around here, and it will fall on deaf ears. Any perceived Anglicism is fair game to them, especially when they’re going after Italian restaurants for having ‘pasta’ on their menus; you’d think after that last one they’d want to keep a low profile. Indeed, the OQLF seems to do nothing more than piss locals off at every turn, being fed pedantic complaints from sovereigntists (ie. French Nationalists) who get their kicks tattling on every imagined slight against the French language, treating the English and foreigners like barbarians for “sullying” their precious language. Ne t’en fais pas mes chums, you already do a good enough job of that on your own!

Simply put: the same animosity that has existed in this province since the 18th century continues to endure, and no matter how we try to heal the rift there’s always some knuckle-dragger that wants to keep it ripped wide open. Shame how that seems to reflect the world at large these days; I look at Britain with Brexit and the flames of hatred it stoked as Nigel Farage threw gasoline on them, and the U.S. with the Orangina Comb-over grabbing everyone’s rights and freedoms by the pussy, and I think to myself, “Damn it all, why couldn’t you lot learn from the mistakes we already made?” To say nothing of how Native Americans were and still very much are treated these days in Quebec and across the rest of the Americas. Here’s to hoping that we (and more to the point the money-grubbing, sleaze ball corporations) can one day put aside petty and selfish ambitions to make tangible, permanent change for a better future… it’s starting to look more and more like we desperately need it.

And not trivial and inane changes like changing the name of the Russian Federation’s president to Vladimir “Poutine” for fuck sake! (Yes… that actually happened.)