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So for some reason today, I got to thinking about cartoon villains, particularly in superhero comics and cartoons. I was thinking, how many villains are actually original in their design and backstory? Many seem rather generic when you break them down, like they were simply derived from a formula; for example, the villains of the Batman universe. You could literally describe like 90% of the criminals of Gotham with an ad-lib chart. In fact, most DC villains seem to be derived from altering similar variables to the same biography. Allow me to demonstrate:


proper noun was once a noun occupation. pronoun believed in noun. Then one day, possessive noun noun was verb. Having lost faith in noun, pronoun decided to take the law into possessive noun own hands. pronoun began verb noun, consumed by noun, and verb any who stood in possessive noun way. possessive noun descent into villainy was complete when pronoun verb adverb noun. No longer would pronoun be known as proper noun, now all of noun city trembles in fear at the mention of proper noun, and possessive noun aim to verb noun place with noun.


To be fair, this same formula applies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too, just that their “transformations” all stem from the same thing: exposure to a hyper-mutagen ooze from another dimension. I am rather curious to see what kind of ridiculous comic book villains people come up with using this.

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3 years ago
Reply to  Yutram

This is an unusual backstory to the whole Salad Fingers thing.