Ḩ̵͘͞҉e̵l̸̴͜͡l͟͢͞͠ờ̷̀ ̸͟W̨͠o҉̸̡͟͞r͞҉l͏d̷̸̶̡͝!͝

Hello, world! This is Yutram: net demon, visual artist, tea connoisseur, and video game enthusiast. If you are reading this then congratulations, you have just stumbled upon my little slice of the Worldwide Web. Here I’ll occasionally post about the latest game I’ve gotten hold of, a new tea or tea blend that tickles my palate, my latest painting or drawing, or just what a day in the life of an infernal being born of the glitches in the system is like. I’m thinking I may even do tea pairings with different video games… so that should be fun!

Stick around won’t you? I’m only just getting started! And of course, there will be tofu and creamsicles aplenty to come. 😉

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3 years ago

:O You did a thing.