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Hello, world!

So wasn’t really planning on making a post tonight per se, but then on my way home from a long day at work our area got hit with a flurry! This marks the first official snowfall of December for us after a bizarrely warm November. Fingers crossed that we’ll have a decent amount of snow on the ground before Christmas… I do kinda want to build a quinzhee at some point before I drag myself back to university.


Can’t actually see the end of this street through all the snow

Most people I know around here say their favorite season is fall and I admit, I can understand why people love it: the vibrant colours of the leaves, the smell of the autumn air, the seasonal spiced goods and of course, the anticipation for Halloween. For me though, nothing beats winter (even if most people can’t stand the season here). The air is fresh and brisk, the nights are long, and of course the snow! The falling snow muffles the sounds of everything around you and scatters the ambient light. For me, winter is the most peaceful season, and one where I enjoy taking hour-long walks outside in the snow.


The sun went down hours ago… that blue glow is the distant city lights

Admittedly, I can understand why most locals dislike winter: it’s the start of many annoyances like shoveling mountains of snow from everything, and the bitter cold seeping right into your bones. For me I see shoveling the snow as just par for the course; when you live in a climate where you can get snow, it’s just something which needs to be maintained. Besides… the cold never bothered me anyway. ❄️

I’ll be busy tomorrow, but I expect I’ll have something to write about when I return home during the evening… assuming I’m still awake by then of course. I won’t say too much, but I will say this: it’s video game-related. Should be quite the event; rather excited.

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3 years ago

I guess I was bred to be a summer/autumn person. We fled Spokane to get away from the snow (and crime) and I ended up learning to love stormy weather.

3 years ago
Reply to  OverlordTomala

I like storms well enough, it’s just the heat is a real killer for me; at least with the cold you can put on more layers to maintain warmth, but no such luck with the heat.